Advantages of Installing Complete Strut Assemblies vs. Bare Struts

When considering whether to replace struts with complete strut assemblies or bare struts, it’s essential to understand the key advantages of replacing struts with complete strut assemblies:

Convenience and Time Savings

Complete strut assemblies are pre-assembled with components including the strut, coil spring, boot kit, bumper, mount and bearing plate. This eliminates the need to disassemble and transfer the components from the old strut to the new one, which helps save significant time and effort during installation.

More Consistent Performance

Complete strut assemblies are pre-assembled and calibrated at the factory and are engineered to provide consistent OE performance. This also helps to ensure the strut, spring, and other related components work together to provide a smoother ride and improved handling.

Ease of Installation

Installing a complete strut assembly is usually easier and quicker, because there is no need to compress coil springs or deal with additional rusty components. This contributes to making the replacement process faster and more straightforward; especially because there is no need for specialized tools.

Reduced Labor Costs

Since the complete strut assembly comes fully assembled, it requires less time to install, resulting in additional labor cost savings when paying for professional installation.

Guaranteed Compatibility

Complete strut assemblies are designed to be a direct OE fit for specific vehicle makes and models. This ensures OE matched compatibility and substantially reduces the risk of mismatched or incompatible parts.

Improved Ride Quality

Complete strut assemblies often include components designed to enhance ride comfort, such as premium quality shock absorbers. This can help provide a smoother and more controlled ride compared to reusing individual worn out components.