Complete Strut Assemblies

The Complete Assembly unit is easier & faster to install than traditional struts.

No spring compressor is required. The components and valving are designed specifically for each car, truck, van, minivan or SUV application. The precisely calibrated valving combinations are individualized for each application to best simulate OE ride and feel.

The FCS Strut Assembly is engineered to meet & exceed O.E. quality.


  • No chance for missing parts
  • QUICKER – No need to take apart existing strut assembly
  • SAFER – No need to compress coil springs
  • EASIER – No specialized tools needed
  • Improves steering, handling and braking ability
  • Minimizes wear and tear on tires and other components

Product Features


MacPherson Strut

With Freudenberg NOK seals, mirror-finished, hard-chrome piston rod, and premium OE Eneos oil (ensures a great seal, long-life and consistent dampening over wide range of temperatures).

Coil Spring

Springs are checked for OE compression levels. All springs Electrostatic coating for optimal corrosion resistance.

Bearing Plate

Endurance tested under extreme load to ensure optimal performance & long life.

Boot Kit & Bumper

Bumper molded from urethane rubber for long dependable life. Absorbs harsh, damaging road impact and noise for quieter driving.

Upper Spring Seat

Absorbs harsh, damaging road impact and noise for quieter driving.

Upper & Lower Isolaters

Ensures spring remains stable in all conditions.

Reinforced Brackets

Designed to handle even the worst road conditions.